Transport Accident Commission taps The Clinician to harness patient-generated data

A new value-based programme of the Victorian government’s Transport Accident Commission has started collecting and analysing patient-reported outcomes and experiences.

TAC, which supports people injured in transport accidents, just launched the Enhanced Recovery Program to raise the quality of care and improve the outcomes for their clients. 

Based on a media release, the programme will leverage The Clinician’s ZEDOC platform to gather and analyse PROMs and PREMs. Over the course of the programme, clients will be asked to fill out a questionnaire on ZEDOC four times.


Valuable insights from patient-reported data will inform the clinical decision of TAC physiotherapists. Specifically, it will help them understand how the injury is affecting the client now and over the course of treatment – which may take up to 12 weeks; deliver treatment tailored to the client’s individual needs; and identify any potential long-term issues so steps can be taken early to address them. 

The programme is now in its initial phase, involving a small cohort of TAC clients and physiotherapists. 


TAC is working on several value-based healthcare initiatives, including the Enhanced Recovery Program, to deliver “superior outcomes, improved patient experiences, and enhanced value for all stakeholders.” It is also launching pilot programmes with vocational rehabilitation and pain providers and creating a grant programme to promote the practice of value-based healthcare. 

Meanwhile, The Clinician is enabling more public health organisations across Australia to harness patient-generated information to improve health outcomes. SA Health has started implementing its Patient Reported Measures Program with the Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health. 

Last year, Northern Health in Victoria adopted a configured version of the ZEDOC platform to simplify the digital patient intake and clinical tracking processes at its virtual emergency department.


“This partnership with The Clinician will give physiotherapists access to digital information that can help them achieve their aims to deliver high-quality, patient-centred care. This will improve the experiences of our clients and providers and help us support the most effective care and best possible outcomes for people injured in transport accidents,” said Lidia Stojanovski, Senior Manager for Value-Based Healthcare at TAC.

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