QR code phishing: What MSPs need to know to protect their customers

In today’s digital age, the use of technology continuously evolves to make our personal and professional lives more convenient. Quick

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How attackers weaponize generative AI through data poisoning and manipulation

The generative AI models that today power chatbots, online search queries, customer interactions, and more are known as large language

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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory: TA558 phishing campaign

The threat actor TA558 is conducting a phishing campaign targeting various sectors in Latin America, intending to deploy the remote

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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory: StrelaStealer malware targets organizations

A new email threat, StrelaStealer malware, is targeting Europe and United States organizations. It spreads through phishing emails with attachments

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Five ways cybercriminals use AI to wreak havoc

It seems that each time there is a new technology advancement, criminals quickly cut to the front of the line

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How to help your clients comply with new Google and Yahoo email requirements

When it comes to email security, most of the focus is on what happens when a malicious email is received.

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These were the most common phishing emails of 2023 — make sure you don’t get caught out as well

Phishing has long been a popular vector for cybercriminals in order to coax valuable information out of victims – and

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2024 forecasted cybersecurity trends

The new year always brings a panoply of possibilities and promises. No one knows the future, so it becomes a

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Threat Spotlight: Phishing emails using Adobe InDesign on the rise

Barracuda security researchers are warning of a recent surge in phishing attacks leveraging Adobe InDesign, a known and trusted document publishing system.

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