Cybersecurity Threat Advisory: Active exploit of Atlassian Confluence

This Cybersecurity Threat Advisory details the exploitation of the critical vulnerability CVE-2023-22518 in the Atlassian Confluence Data Center and Server.

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How attackers weaponize generative AI through data poisoning and manipulation

The generative AI models that today power chatbots, online search queries, customer interactions, and more are known as large language

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Spring-cleaning checklist for defending against ransomware

Just like your home, your cybersecurity practices could use a spring-cleaning. It’s a great time to “dust off” you and

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Ransomware 2024: The new battleground is your data, not just your files

Every year, cybercriminals devise new ways to steal credentials, access sensitive data, and disrupt business. In 2024, the most significant

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Data tampering is an underrated threat — get your backup ready

World Backup Day is an annual reminder of how important it is to have an up-to-date, readily accessible copy of everything

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The role of MSPs in food supply chain cybersecurity

Food and cybersecurity seem like very different topics. When we think of our favorite potato chips or steaks to sizzle

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A SOC’s view on 2024 cybersecurity trends

In the world of cybersecurity, threats are constantly evolving. Therefore, by throwing a spotlight on 2024 cyber trends, while considering

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IBM has an AI SSD that can detect and eradicate ransomware in 60 seconds — but you’d kid yourself if you think you can buy it and plug it in your PC

IBM has unleashed an AI-powered SSD that can identify and neutralize ransomware threats in under a minute. However, consumers shouldn’t

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LockBit Ransomware Gang’s Website Shut Down

The U.K. National Crime Agency’s Cyber Division, the FBI and international partners have cut off ransomware threat actors’ access to

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