Tesla software update can help its car cameras see lot better

Reversing into a trashcan, squashing your neighbours cat, destroying a garden gnome – all things that are perfectly possible if

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BT and SAP want to make sustainability reporting a whole lot easier

BT is piloting SAP’s Sustainability Data Exchange (SDX), a new platform for carbon accounting which both companies hope to standardize

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The latest Google Maps redesign makes it look a lot more like Apple Maps

It seems there’s a visual revamp for Google Maps underway, which you might have already noticed on your phone –

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Apple’s iOS 17 is a lot more exciting than Android 14, but that’s not totally a good thing

Apple’s iOS 17 is almost here, and it’s a lot more fully featured than Android 14. A casual glance at

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How much data are your GPU drivers collecting about you? Quite a lot in Intel’s case

The installer for the latest Intel graphics card 101.4578 beta drivers adds a “Compute Improvement Program” (CIP) data-gathering component that’s

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Adobe just made its Firefly AI art generator a lot more accessible

Adobe Firefly has gone global with new support for text-to-image prompts in over 100 languages. But there’s a slight catch:

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Google wants to make its Chat app a lot more personal by copying WhatsApp

Google Chat is introducing seven new features as it’s seemingly shifting focus away from just being a business-centric platform to

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