Tech Time Warp: The breakthrough against software piracy that wasn’t

In this edition of Tech Time Warp we go back to April 14, 1995, when the Chinese government began widespread

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Windows 11 24H2 isn’t even here yet but Microsoft is already working on its follow-up that could pave the way for Windows 12

Microsoft is already working away at what could be the first Moment update to follow the big Windows 11 24H2

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Microsoft targets another corner of Windows 11 with – you guessed it – adverts, and we’re getting a bit fed up with this

Microsoft is testing adding a fresh batch of ads to the Windows 11 interface, this time in the Start menu.

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Can Microsoft Copilot Write Simple SQL Commands for You?

According to the claims made by large technology companies, generative artificial intelligence platforms like Microsoft Copilot will make the working

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Determine Which Version of Microsoft Copilot Is Right for You

Copilot has quickly become a vital and strategic part of the Microsoft lineup of products and services. Whether you are

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Microsoft announces new AI hub in London in latest AI push

In its efforts to boost its research and development efforts into artificial intelligence, Microsoft has lifted the wraps off its

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Microsoft is testing small but impactful changes to draw your attention to Copilot AI on the Windows 11 desktop

Microsoft has made a relatively minor but pretty useful tweak for Copilot in testing, as part of the ongoing effort

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