Cybersecurity Threat Advisory: Critical Exim Mail Server vulnerability

A critical vulnerability known as CVE-2024-39929 has been identified in Exim Mail Server, impacting versions 4.87 to 4.95.1. This vulnerability

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New report: BEC accounts for 1 in 10 email attacks

Email-based social engineering threats are thriving as attackers continue to adapt and evolve their tactics to increase their chances of success. The

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Obliterating three MSP marketing misconceptions

The marketing industry is a fascinating one. When you look up tips from experts, you’ll see all kinds of misconceptions,

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How to help your clients comply with new Google and Yahoo email requirements

When it comes to email security, most of the focus is on what happens when a malicious email is received.

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Email attacks on business tripled in 2023 — and ChatGPT was often the culprit

Email attacks against businesses have increased dramatically as hackers continually use generative AI tools to optimize their content and streamline

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5 best practices for MSP email security

Email remains the primary entry point for most cyberattacks, whether phishing, ransomware, social engineering scams, or business email compromise (BEC).

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Email security threats are more dangerous than ever – here’s what you need to know

The use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as Chat-GPT and the increasing popularity of cloud services have made

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Threat Spotlight: How attackers use inbox rules to evade detection after compromise

Automated email inbox rules are a useful and familiar feature of most email clients. They help people manage their inboxes

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Nintendo briefed Activision on the ‘NG Switch’ in 2022, internal email shows

A newly released internal email thread has revealed that Activision met with Nintendo in December 2022 to be briefed on

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