QR code phishing: What MSPs need to know to protect their customers

In today’s digital age, the use of technology continuously evolves to make our personal and professional lives more convenient. Quick

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Hackers look to trick GitHub users with intricate malware

GitHub users are under attack once again, as researchers spot yet another creative malware campaign on the popular platform. This

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How attackers weaponize generative AI through data poisoning and manipulation

The generative AI models that today power chatbots, online search queries, customer interactions, and more are known as large language

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Visa warns dangerous new malware is attacking financial firms

Visa is warning its partners, clients, and customers, of an ongoing phishing attack that aims to deliver a banking trojan. 

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Stay alert — this dangerous Android malware is pretending to be a McAfee security tool

A new version of a known Android banking trojan is making rounds on the internet, stealing sensitive data, and possibly

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Tech Time Warp: The wicked ways of the Witty Worm

Although the goal of the Witty Worm wasn’t widespread damage—its entire target population was only 12,000 computers the world over—the

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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory: StrelaStealer malware targets organizations

A new email threat, StrelaStealer malware, is targeting Europe and United States organizations. It spreads through phishing emails with attachments

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This sneaky Android malware has an all-new way to avoid being detected

Cybersecurity researchers have found a new version of a well-known Android banking trojan malware which sports quite a creative method

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Tech Time Warp: Magistr “disembowels” computers

In early 2001, a nasty bug began making the rounds, hitting computer users hard with a particularly challenging payload as

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