Rayobyte Features, Pricing and Reviews in 2023

Proxy services are used by businesses and individuals to ensure anonymity, scrape web data, and protect computers from internet threats like malware.

Rayobyte is a proxy service offering residential,  datacenter, ISP, mobile proxies, and a scraping robot for web data collection. However, customer reviews indicate that the platform has room for development in terms of customer support, security, and technical functionality.

This article will assist you in determining whether Rayobyte is an ideal match for your unique proxy service use cases by providing a comprehensive analysis of Rayobyte.

Overview of Rayobyte & its 5 alternatives

Table 1: Top Rayobyte alternatives comparison

Proxy Providers Total # of
Total # of
User ratings Free trial Pay-as-you-go
Rayobyte 11-50 24 4.7 7-day trial for $7.00
Smartproxy 127 1,081 4.6 7-day
Bright Data 887 841 4.7 14-day
IPRoyal 49 1,058 4.3 7-day (only for companies) Only for residential & mobile
Oxylabs 333 446 4.7 3-day trial for $1.99 Only for residential & mobile
SOAX 64 312 4.4 7-day

The list is ranked by total number of reviews, with Rayobyte and sponsored providers (Smartprox and Bright Data) at the top.

  • The total number of employee data is retrieved from companies’ LinkedIn sites as of 11/3/2023. 
  • The total number of reviews and 5-point scale average rating data is retrieved from the Capterra, G2, Trustpilot, and TrustRadius software review platforms as of 11/3/2023. 

Rayobyte Overview


Rayobyte, formerly known as BlazingSEO, is a proxy provider founded in 2015 in the US that initially targeted search engine marketing users. Then, the company extended its services by adding new offerings such as web hosting, web scraping, and data intelligence solutions.

The software claims to have a proxy pool of 300,000 IPs across nine ASNs (autonomous system numbers: lists of IP addresses accessible on a network). Its proxies can serve various use cases such as eCommerce data extraction, SEO monitoring, ad monitoring, price aggregation, or market research.

Rayobyte also has an intelligent networking application called “proxy pilot”  that interacts with proxy networks. It serves two purposes:

  • Provides proxy management logic to the proxy server, such as automated attempts, timeouts, and block detection. 
  • Offers detailed data statistics including request numbers, response scripts, or success rates.


Rayobyte provides a web scraping API for developers with data processing tools for Google and Amazon for those who want to scrape data from the internet. The scraping robot can handle these web scraping tasks through automated proxy acquisition features such as automated proxy purchase, replacement, and cancellation. The robot is structured on JSON output and charged based on the data you scrape from the internet.1

Product offerings

Rayobyte offers 4 major proxy categories:

  • Datacenter (Shared/semi-dedicated, dedicated, rotating)
  • Residential
  • ISP (Shared/semi-dedicated, dedicated, rotating)
  • Mobile

Datacenter proxies

Rayobyte claims to have a diverse variety of proxies over 300,000+ datacenter IPs distributed among 9 unique ASNs. Though this is a sizable amount of IPs, other proxy providers provide a larger number of data center IPs:

  • Bright Data: 770,000+ datacenter IPs
  • Oxylabs: 2+ million data center IPs

Rayobyte has three types of data center proxies:

  • Shared/Semi-dedicated: Shared/semi-dedicated data center proxies are for affordable scraping with static IP addresses on non-major sites, and they can be shared between 3 users.
  • Dedicated: Dedicated data center proxies are static IPs for large-scale scraping, dedicated proxies offer higher bandwidth than shared/semi-dedicated proxies and cannot be shared with other users. Rayobyte’s dedicated proxies are offered with a finite static list; users cannot rıtate them, but they can reclaim blocked addresses.
  • Rotating: Each time users connect to a port their traffic automatically will be rotated to a new proxy IP, making them suitable for extracting data from websites employing anti-scraping measures.


  • Proxy pool: 300,000 IP data center addresses
  • Proxy type: 

-Shared/semi-dedicated/shared (supported in 10 locations: US, Brazil, Western Europe )

-Dedicated (supported in 28 locations across European, American, and Asian countries)

-Rotating (supported in 4 locations: US, Germany, Brazil, and France ) 

  • IP Rotation: Rotating IPs offering 10 to 120 mins rotation time intervals
  • Geo-targeting: Country targeting (one per plan) is available across 26 countries, and city targeting (assigned randomly) is available only for a few countries – mainly the US.
  • Authentication: IP whitelisting, credentials
  • Protocol versions: IPv4 and IPv6
  • Protocols: Supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols

Residential proxies

Rayobyte offers 100,000+ residential IP addresses in 100+ locations globally that may be targeted by particular countries and cities (no ASN targeting/filtering is available).

The residential IPs are obtained using a proxyware tool called Cash Raven, which is also utilized to resell proxies from other providers.


  • Proxy pool: 100,000 residential IPs in 100 countries
  • IP rotation: The proxies rotate by default, there is no customization option to set specific rotation times. Also, sticky sessions are available for every request with sticky port support, enabling users to maintain an active session and IP. 
  • Geo-targeting: Only country-level filtering is available.
  • Authentication: Dual authentication including IP whitelisting, credentials
  • Protocol versions: IPv4 and IPv6
  • Protocols: HTTP/HTTPS (no SOCKS5 is available).

ISP proxies

Rayobyte’s ISP proxies function similarly to a scaled-down version of the datacenter service.

You may decide to share the IP with numerous other people, like with datacenter proxies, or to buy addresses dedicated to your exclusive usage. Rayobyte has added a third option: a pool of rotating ISPs, however, it is still quite new and the information provided is limited on their website. 


  • Proxy pool: 2,500+ ISP proxies, covering 9 ASNs (rotating ISP are covering 5 ASNs)
  • Geo-targeting: Dedicated: US, UK, Canada and Germany 
  • Authentication:  IP whitelisting, credentials
  • Protocol versions: IPv4 and IPv6
  • Protocols: Supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols

Mobile proxies

Rayobyte’s mobile proxies are currently missing functionalities. The company does not clarify information about how many IPs are accessible from each location.

Rayobyte’s mobile proxies use a device-based (also known as dongle-based) approach which combines dedicated devices with peer-to-peer IPs with no traffic limitations and only one rotating IP address provided at a time. 


  • Proxy pool**: IPs in the proxy pool are offered in 150+ countries (no ASN filtering is available). 
  • IP rotation: IP rotation is available for every request, yet no sticky sessions or time intervals are provided.
  • Geo-targeting: No geo-targeting information is available.
  • Authentication: Credentials
  • Protocol versions: IPv4 and IPv6
  • Protocols: Supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols

**Rayobyte does not publish the number of IP pools, since its mobile proxies are carried out through hardware devices and operate under different restrictions compared to peer-to-peer networks. This means they have as many IPs accessible at any given time as there are mobile devices, creating an unstable number of unique IPs over a timeline.

**Autonomous System Number (ASN) defines a unique group of one or more IP prefixes run by one or more network operators. With ASN network operators can have stronger control of the traffic, for example, they can block access to all IPs of certain companies or locations.


Rayobyte offers extensive pricing plans and mid-level prices that scale slowly. 

Its pricing models are examined under the specific categories below. In addition, a 50MB free trial is available.2


You may get dedicated data center IPs from 28 countries with a free IP replacement option that enables users to update specific IP addresses at any time (no city targeting feature is available). The data center proxies are priced on a subscription model, with four subscription lengths available: 1, 3, 6, and 12-month (s). The lower the price per proxy, the longer the plan you pick.

A minimum purchase of 5 IPs is necessary and the price is affected by location (non-US IPs cost up to 75% more). For example, 5 US dedicated data center proxies cost $12.50 per month, however, 5 UK dedicated data center proxies cost $15 per month. 

mSoNMpWSaxM4Z9ZffjqufTZXk4EGaC wYknlnWabFkiC27VMGwLTtOvD53pFQqEN5Sg5jFtBmzArWHIOxXj DS1csWhftZaLNhw PhcG1eD

Table 2: Rayobyte data center pricing plan for a one-month subscription in the US 

Data center pricing plans Number of proxies Shared/semi-dedicated* Dedicated* Rotating* ISP* Dedicated IPv6* Shared/semi-dedicated ISP*
Starter 5 to 99 $1.00 $2.50 $3.75 $5.00 $0.20 $2.50
Personal 100 to 999 $0.85 $2.13 $3.19 $4.80 $0.17 $2.40
Corporate 1k to 4,999 $0.75 $1.88 $2.81 $4.60 $0.15 $2.30
Enterprise 5k+ Custom pricing Custom pricing Custom pricing Custom pricing Custom pricing Custom pricing

*(IP/month) price on the monthly subscription plan in the US.


Rayobyte’s pricing model for residential IPs has no restrictions or monthly minimums, neither a pay-as-you-go nor a subscription plan. It is based on the amount of traffic quota (ranging from 1GB to 5TB, when you purchase more traffic, the price per GB falls) users would like to purchase, however, Rayobyte does not enable self-service for residential proxies, users must be accepted to use these price packages.

Source: Rayobyte3

Table 3: Rayobyte residential proxies pricing plan 

Residential pring plans Bandwith Price (GB/month)
Starter 1 – 15 GB $15
Personal 16 – 49 GB $12.50
Consumer 50 – 99 GB $7
Professional 100 – 249 GB $6
Business 250 – 499 GB $5
Corporate 500-999 GB $4
Enterprise 1 – 4.9 TB $3
Custom 5 TB+ $1


Similar to the data center pricing model, Rayobytes ISP pricing structure is based on the number of proxies purchased restricted to a minimum purchase of 5 IPs starting from $2.5 IP/month for shared/semi-dedicated IP and $5 IP/month for dedicated  IP on monthly subscription in the US (see detailed pricing below).4

Table 4: Rayobyte ISP proxies pricing plan

ISP pricing plans Number of proxies Semi-dedicated*** Dedicated***
Starter 5 to 99 $2.50 $5.00
Personal 100 to 999 $2.50 $4.80
Corporate 1k to 4,999 $2.50 $4.60
Enterprise 5k+ $2.50 Custom pricing

***(IP/month) price on the monthly subscription plan in the US.


Mobile proxies are priced under three main categories as follows:

Starter: $50/month, includes 2 GB of data ($25/GB)5

Business: $300/month, includes 15 GB of data ($20/GB)6

Enterprise: $600/month+, includes 40 GB of data ($15/GB)7

User reviews

User feedback indicates that Rayobyte has a long way to go before meeting customer expectations. While it might be a legitimate business, its products and services appear to be average with its 4/5 Trustpilot rating.

Key takeaways from the user reviews:

  • Security: Customers also have complained about insider threat risks such as phishing attacks. 
  • Proxy service: The majority of users appear to say that the proxies only operate for a limited period and then become invalid during the subscription time, however, a few users state that the proxies are stable and operating efficiently.
  • Customer service: While some users indicate that customer support is ready to respond to queries quickly, others state that they have received poor customer service and invoicing issues.

Rayobyte’s customer reviews have been gathered from Trustpilot as of  03/11/2023 to highlight the platform’s pros and cons (see below).


Service: Some users highlight that the IP service is stable and the support responds on time.8

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Pricing: Users appreciate Rayobyte’s extensive price plans with cost-effective annual subscription options.9


Fraud claims: One user claimed that  Blazing SEO had changed its name to Rayobyte to get away from the fraud and phishing attempts that occurred with their proxies. Rayobyte is a company with the same staff and service and still every single IP address is sent to Blazing SEO. The same long-term user states that he used the software for four years, and his email accounts have been bombarded with malicious messages and other similar efforts.1011

g69y9OzJVKKf4hFOXRJMj zskK1fD4ttp9vuN3mVV48I1TX3Sghko oOFUlOED0kuxW0PvVJxvq S1YLHIehAsBS08pe40MFVAqKzcZC0yf9G2YwFgNfV2qvdYKbp8oKGBItLF8RkKwl2Tyi6 j92Q8

Long-term reliability of proxies: Some users are not satisfied with the proxies’ long-term stability. Users experienced multiple situations where the proxies’ IP addresses unexpectedly changed caused by technical difficulties, however, Rayobyte provided alternative IP addresses to the unsatisfied customers.12

CG41Ld f4tLB6MlT1CajjhyieAm WvoP7wMYMCyW8G1E8pa5KS5

Customer service: Some users had difficulties canceling the service, and attempted to contact customer service several times by support ticket and online chat, but received no answer. On the phone the users were informed that their account would not be invoiced again, however they were invoiced again.13

Transparency statement

AIMultiple works with numerous emerging tech companies, including Bright Data and Smartproxy.

Further reading

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