Kindle Scribe review: the biggest Kindle keeps getting better

One-minute review

Amazon Kindle Scribe e ink writing tablet

(Image credit: Future / Philip Berne)

The Kindle Scribe has improved enough since it launched to become my preferred tablet to recommend if you like reading, journaling, and now maybe even old school pen and ink games like crossword puzzles and sudoku. It has the biggest screen you can find on a Kindle, while keeping the display just as sharp as the best Kindle ereaders, so books and text look amazing, even better than reading on the best iPad

If you’re a hardcore handwriter and note-taker, you might prefer the Remarkable 2 tablet, which has many more options for pen styles, background templates, and productivity. The Kindle Scribe still has advantages, especially its backlight that lets you read and write in the dark, which the Remarkable can’t manage. The Kindle Scribe keeps things simpler, and this will work better for most people who aren’t using the writing tablet in the boardroom. The Scribe’s cost is also more consumer-friendly. 

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