‘For many AI applications, GPUs are compute overkill, consuming much more power and money than needed’: How Ampere Computing plans to ride the AI wave

Ampere Computing is a startup that’s making waves in the tech industry by challenging the dominance of tech giants like AMD, Nvidia, and Intel. With the rise of AI, the demand for computing power has skyrocketed, along with energy costs and demand on power grids. Ampere aims to address this with a low-power, high-performance solution.

Despite being the underdog, Ampere’s offering has been adopted by nearly all major hyperscalers worldwide. It has broken through the scaling wall multiple times with its CPUs, and the company plans to continue scaling in ways that legacy architectures can’t. We spoke to Ampere CPO Jeff Wittich about his company’s success and future plans.

I feel sometimes that challenger startups, like Ampere Computing, are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one side, you’ve got multi billion dollar companies like AMD, Nvidia and Intel and on the other hand, hyperscalers like Microsoft, Google and Amazon that have their own offerings. How does it feel to be the little mammal in the land of dinosaurs?

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.