Is Edge Computing Living Up to Its Promise in the Australian Market?

Edge computing is often predicted as a technology that will revolutionise enterprise computing in Australia. By capturing, processing, analysing and

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UK Government Puts £45 Million Toward Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the focus of a £45 million ($57 million) investment by the U.K. government announced on Feb. 5.

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How quantum computing can benefit drug discovery

In 2022, the drug discovery market was valued at US$ 55.46 billion, and by 2032, that figure is expected to

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Japanese company promises to slash prices of AI computing in race to deliver the world’s cheapest GPU cloud

Japanese firm Third Wave is launching a ‘GPU cloud’ service for anyone who wants to run generative AI workloads –

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Are hyper-specialized processing units the future of computing? Meet the company who wants to be the Nvidia of data queries

Businesses that run SQL queries may be about to get a massive boost thanks to a specialized semiconductor chip developed

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