UK Government Puts £45 Million Toward Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the focus of a £45 million ($57 million) investment by the U.K. government announced on Feb. 5.

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Removing the biggest barrier to quantum adoption: accessibility

Quantum computing promises to solve some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as accelerated drug discovery and tackling climate change.

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IBM’s Quantum Processor and Modular Computer Are Now in Operation

The IBM Quantum System Two with IBM Quantum Heron processors is designed to push quantum-centric supercomputing forward. Image: Adobe/IBEX.Media A

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How quantum computing can benefit drug discovery

In 2022, the drug discovery market was valued at US$ 55.46 billion, and by 2032, that figure is expected to

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Quantum computers are fast becoming cheaper and smaller — and they could be coming to a data center near you very soon

IonQ claims we’re closer to widespread enterprise quantum computing deployment as it lifted the lid on two rack-mounted models that

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Quantum Test Chip Lets Intel and Researchers Shape What Comes Next for Quantum Computing

Will quantum computing ever be practical? Maybe. Intel thinks it has a solution with the Tunnel Falls quantum research chip,

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Tiny French chip startup challenges mighty Amazon to produce formidable quantum chip – inspired by a famous cat

Quantum computers have shown amazing promise in recent years, with companies from IBM to Google building increasingly powerful machines that

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Is Quantum Computing Right for Your Business?

Learn about the benefits and use cases of quantum computing. Also, get details about quantum cryptography from an expert. Image:

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