Camp Snap camera review: child’s play

Two-minute review

I first came across the Camp Snap camera when it popped up on my Instagram feed, and it stopped my mindless scrolling. It wasn’t just the dulcet tones of the voice over, or the sunny slice of America filling the screen. This retro-style compact was different, and its biggest selling point is what it lacks… a screen. 

Here I was, caught in the screen time act, watching a video about a camera originally created for kids at summer camp with no permitted screen time, who could still use it to take a few snaps of their trip. It might well hope to be one of the best cameras for kids, and in a similar category to the fun Fujifilm Instax Pal, but I think the Camp Snap will attract a much wider audience than just kids.

The retro Camp Snap camera is a clever idea; it’s a low-cost, low-tech digital reimagining of the single-use disposable camera. We all need less screen time, plus I think we all need to practice a little patience. And the low-tech Camp Snap is just what we need, because it brings us back to a happier and simpler time. No screen, no instant review of your photos. 

Camp Snap Camera in the hand illuminated by high contrast window light

(Image credit: Future)

It might look like an attractive disposable camera, but instead of film the Camp Snap can store around 2,000 digital 8MP photos on an included TF memory card (that’s the same design as a microSD card). The first time you see your photos is when the Camp Snap camera is connected via its USB-C port to upload them to your computer. 

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.