Dell Inspiron 24 All-in-One review: an office worker’s dream

Dell Inspiron 24 All-in-One: Two-minute review

Finding a budget all-in-one PC that isn’t woefully underpowered is surprisingly difficult, and while the Dell Inspiron 24 All-in-One comes close to that line, thankfully, it doesn’t cross it. It’s not the strongest PC around, but its more-than-respectable 13th-Gen Intel Core i3 processor is perfect for productivity work, and with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage at its cheapest, it’s perfect for students, too. Of course, you can upgrade to 16GB of RAM and 516GB of storage, an Nvidia GeForce MX550 graphics card, and a 13th-Gen Intel i7 processor if you need the extra space and juice for creative work.

All this is paired with a built-in webcam that slides in and out (though it can be very hard to pull out), which is a handy alternative to a privacy shutter. Its quality is average, with a decent framerate, which will get you through a conference call or remote class just fine. The port selection is excellent, covering every possible need a user may have. However, having a single USB Type-C port is an absolute crime, as is the fact that the other ports are hard to reach, thanks to being located in the back.

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