Apple Alerts iPhone Users to Mercenary Spyware Attacks

Apple sent a threat notification to iPhone users in 92 countries on April 10 informing them that their device was

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Are networks ready for Apple Vision Pro?

The term ‘Metaverse’ originated in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel, Snow Crash, where it depicted a virtual realm offering an escape

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Meta Quest Pro 2: everything we know about the Apple Vision Pro competitor

Meta’s Quest 3 may be less than a year old, but Meta appears to be working on a few follow-ups.

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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory: New vulnerability in Apple M-chip

A new security exploit, GoFetch, was found in Apple’s M-chip architecture. It takes advantage of data memory-dependent prefetchers (DMPs) and

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The big Apple lawsuit explained: why Apple’s getting sued and what it means for the iPhone

It’s a move that’s sent shockwaves through the entire tech industry: the US government, through the Department of Justice (DOJ),

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ICYMI: the week’s 8 biggest tech stories from Apple getting sued to Android 15 updates

It’s been another busy week in the world of tech.  Apple’s legal battles continued with new monopoly accusations being levied

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Apple iPhone is not a monopoly – and you really don’t want the US Government to win its antitrust suit

Apple’s iPhone business is not a monopoly. It’s not even close to one, and it’s almost comical that the US

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Nvidia is taking the Apple Vision Pro to the Omniverse

The Apple Vision Pro could soon be a lot more helpful for businesses around the world thanks to an upgrade

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