VOSS Partners With Microsoft to Pivot Customers to the Cloud

VOSS Solutions has formed a partnership with Microsoft to launch the Partner Pivot Program.

The program is for Service Provider and Managed Service Provider partners with UCaaS and managed services platforms based on outdated technologies.

It aims to help them move their existing end customer base to Microsoft’s cloud-based collaboration ecosystem.

According to VOSS, the overall objective is for its partners to successfully retain and grow existing customers by transitioning them to newer and better solutions.

Tim Jalland, Microsoft Solution Manager at VOSS, commented:

“Hybrid and flexible working practices have permanently changed the way end customers expect their collaboration and phone services to be delivered.

“Partners are faced with a challenging path to navigate.

“With older hosting platforms becoming obsolete, end customers are seeking alternative, more agile, cloud-based solutions for their collaboration and phone service, and if the Partners do not successfully provide a cohesive transition path to the desired solutions, they risk significant customer churn.”

The Partner Pivot Program includes various planning and enablement services, an automated migration path to move end customers to the cloud, and the VOSS UC performance management and automation toolset.

VOSS states that over the last few years, it has seen a considerable number of customers move to the cloud for their collaboration needs and now says these customers are looking to move their phone services to the cloud.

Any potential partners interested in the program will be able to target new SMB segments, consolidate existing hosting platforms, upsell and deploy new customer features, reduce costs, increase their efficiency, and more.

VOSS is working with Microsoft due enable its Partners to sell, deploy, and operate cloud services designed around the Microsoft Teams platform.

Christopher Martini, SI Partner Recruiting Lead at Microsoft, said: “Microsoft Teams has established itself as the platform of choice for enterprise collaboration.

“Many customers are now in the process of consolidating their telephony needs onto Microsoft Teams Phone to provide an all-in-one UC experience.

“For Partners, this poses a challenge as customers churn, but also an opportunity for those equipped with a modern management capability such as VOSS.

“We are excited to be working together with VOSS to offer Partners a compelling migration path to the cloud.”

Earlier this month, VOSS took part in a UC Today roundtable with other UC companies to share its thoughts on managing Microsoft Teams.



This post originally appeared on Service Management - Enterprise - Channel News - UC Today.