VOSS UC Management Review: VOSS Automate

The complexity of today’s unified communications solutions is growing rapidly. Today’s businesses need more functionality than ever before to contend with the increasing demands of modern customers, as well as evolving features and capabilities. With so much going on in the industry, it’s no wonder that organisations from all verticals are looking for ways to better manage their infrastructure. 

Fortunately, service management solutions from VOSS can make life simpler for business owners. VOSS’ independent research shows that organisations using their system can save up to 43% a year on management costs. 

If you’re looking for a way to maintain better insights into your technology, here’s what you can expect from VOSS Solutions. 

VOSS provides of digital workplace management technology, enabling customers to significantly increase the levels of automation across their UC collaboration platform, supporting their journey towards improved productivity and cost savings. VOSS provides discovery & migration, orchestration fulfillment & analytics, and performance monitoring & management, across multiple technologies, and from a single, highly flexible, secure web portal:   

  • UC Discovery and MigrationVOSS Migrate is a big data, transformation product suite that has been designed to carry out audits of legacy environments and UC migrations from legacy to advanced UC platforms. It uses a revolutionary methodology to discover, extract, transform, validate, and load large volumes of data to automate a UC migration project, saving organizations from lengthy, high-budget and high-risk, manual UC migrations. 
  • UC AutomationVOSS Automate is a UC orchestration platform, deployed by service providers and organizations in the retail, manufacturing, finance, government, and health arenas. It comprises an extensive array of UC management capabilities and pre-integration with UC vendor and business applications, such as ServiceNow. The highest levels of automation agility within VOSS Automate enable you to create customized workflows that significantly lower your operating costs and meets your business needs now and as they evolve in the future. VOSS Analytics delivers big data technology to the UC space, pulling data from all dimensions and incorporating advanced data logic to produce intelligent business reports. 
  • UC Monitoring and AnalyticsVOSS Insights integrates with VOSS Automate to enrich the data needed for monitoring and fault detection leading to faster resolution through self-healing AI logic. Add business context to the technical data available from your UC solution to ensure quality service delivery. With this deep insight into your UC platform, VOSS enables you to continually improve and optimize your UC environment, to provide the very best communications experience for your employees and to grow your business as a result. 

The Features of VOSS Automate 

VOSS Automate is an incredible service management solution that allows companies to design, deploy, operate and optimise state-of-the-art unified communication solutions with a reliable service fulfilment platform. VOSS Automate was designed to deliver exceptional results for governments, service providers, and enterprises alike so that anyone can reduce the costs of UC implementation. 

Available on-premises, or as a cloud-based solution, VOSS Automate comes with everything you need to: 

  • Automate the discovery and mapping of your existing UC network and rapidly introduce new configurations to your environment. VOSS adds value to your system without disrupting day-to-day processes 
  • Help design and implement new UC solutions. VOSS simplifies the creation of new communication environments, improves the onboarding of new users and speeds up implementation 
  • Access a complete and secure view into your UC configuration: Whether in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, VOSS provides a simple view into your UC strategy 

VOSS Automate also offers a series of customisable add-on modules, so you can adjust your strategy to suit your individual needs. For instance, modules include: 

  • VOSS self-service – an intuitive and secure web-based portal that helps end-users to manage their features, services, and devices in real-time from any location and on any device 
  • VOSS Automate Contact Centre – A complete integration between VOSS and the contact centre to ensure front and back-office support through an intuitive administration portal 
  • VOSS Business Admin portal – A unique interface offering administrates quick and accurate access to their UC system. 
  • VOSS analytics – Retrieve crucial information about your UC users quickly and learn everything you need to know about your licenses, services, devices, transactions and more 
  • VOSS Northbound integration – The Northbound integration option for VOSS Automate provides complete integration with asset management, billing, and other northbound service management solutions 
  • VOSS Automate ServiceNow Integration – The ServiceNow Integration with VOSS Automate manages ServiceNow requests to drive greater efficiency and service response times in UC deployments 

The Benefits of VOSS Automate 

VOSS is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art business solutions for organisations that want to make the most out of their complex UC management requirements. With strategies to simplify the delivery, design, and operation of UC infrastructure, VOSS allows organisations to perform at their best when handling enterprise communication. 

Whether you decide to access VOSS Automate in the cloud, or on-premises, you’ll be able to expect a secure and simplified view into your UC solution that offers benefits such as: 

  • Productivity boosts: Make sure everyone in your organisation has the information they need when they need it most. Engineers will be freed from repetitive tasks, data slippage can be minimised, and you can achieve faster triage times 
  • Better customer experience: VOSS Automate helps you to build a more effective business portal for all of your UC services, that means faster service delivery for new applications, better control of your communication environment, and real-time end-user self-service 
  • Financial benefits: Reduce your total cost of ownership in the UC environment by cutting down on operational and implementation expenses. VOSS Automate can scale to suit your needs, with the ability to rapidly implement UC management workflows for new services and applications as they arise 
  • Accurate and Secure: High-tech decision making is automated for repeatability to enforce design rules and reduce the risk of errors in your UC system. What’s more, VOSS is developed to adhere to the strictest security standards regarding encryption, attack prevention, and; 
  • Access to suit you: VOSS Automate supports a wide range of UC applications including mobility, messaging and collaboration. What’s more, in addition to UC management, there’s also high levels of automation available for various architecture points like SBCs and SIP trunks too! 

Who Is VOSS Automate for? 

VOSS Automate was created to support managed and hosted service providers, as well as systems integrators who want to access the best possible profitability with their UC deals. Governments and enterprises can also benefit from this service management solution to help them reduce complexity and cost in the UC environment. 

For many businesses, getting the most out of a UC solution is about overcoming the complexity of the space and discovering the benefits. VOSS Automate eliminates some of the roadblocks to UC transformation that can drive up costs or harm productivity.



This post originally appeared on Service Management - Enterprise - Channel News - UC Today.