Synapse Review – Mind palace mayhem

Review Information

Platform reviewed: PS5 / PSVR 2

Available on: PS5 / PSVR 2

Release date: July 4, 2023 (Out Now) 

PSVR 2 finally has another exclusive to shout about. Synapse is the next game from nDreams (Fracked, Phantom: Covert Ops), and it taps into the growing reputation of the VR roguelike, a genre that is slowly being refined by savvy developers, generating innovative results. 

In Synapse, your mission is complicated: enter the mind of the once-respected, now dangerous Colonel Peter Conrad and tackle his procedural mind baddies to prevent imminent disaster. You’ll wipe out increasingly complex arenas full of goons as you progress deeper into his subconscious with the aim of extracting his juicy secrets.

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