Watch out – that amazing job offer could actually just be a crypto-stealing scam, Microsoft warns

The BlueNoroff cybercrime campaign appears to be going from strenght to strenght after Microsoft spotted yet another criminal campaign it

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Watch out – that QR code could just be a phishing scam

The latest evolution of phishing emails includes QR codes as hackers look to maximize the potential of their campaigns. A

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Report: Scammers are targeting over-heating iPhone 15 issue with fake recall scam

Scammers are a fast and opportunistic bunch who are now, according to a new report, looking to cash in on

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This devious phishing scam makes it look like dodgy emails are actually safe

Hackers are using the dreaded “zero font” tactic in phishing emails, instilling a false sense of legitimacy in otherwise malicious

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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory: New Microsoft support scam

The latest Cybersecurity Threat Advisory highlights the new false advertisement for Amazon through Google search engine. The advertisement redirects users

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