Hackers can now hijack your face. Here’s how to fight back

The future of mobile malware is here. For the first time, cybercriminals are infiltrating iOS and Android devices and stealing

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Fitbit watches in the EU will lose third-party apps and watch faces – here’s why

European Fitbit owners have been dealt a huge blow as Google will be removing all third-party apps and clock faces

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You can now finally use Sonos Voice Control with Spotify tunes – here’s how

Audio brand Sonos is expanding the reach of its Voice Control software to now support Spotify, allowing users to verbally

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Ditching daylight savings isn’t a new idea – here’s why it’s not happening again anytime soon

We’re approaching that time of the year that everyone dreads – the switch to Daylight Savings Time and the loss

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This wildly unsafe video doorbell is still for sale on Amazon – here’s what you should know

In a recently published article, Consumer Reports (CR) is warning people of a faulty video doorbell being sold on Amazon

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I’ve been using Duolingo music for 4 months alongside actual piano lessons – here’s what I found

I started casually learning Hindi and Arabic on Duolingo – and I mean very casually – almost a year ago.

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