Is there a moral imperative for businesses to share data?

Imagine a world where knowledge, data, insights, breakthroughs aren’t hoarded but shared, with a purpose: to tackle the monumental challenges

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Why businesses must keep control of SaaS spend

With macroeconomic headwinds persisting in the wake of cutbacks for many UK businesses, it’s clear that the pressure on companies

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Thousands of businesses found handing tonnes of user data to Facebook

Alarming new research has found supposedly private user data is being shared between Facebook and thousands of companies through hidden

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Copilot Pro is a new “premium” tier for businesses everywhere – but Microsoft makes individual users pay for top AI tools

As the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) tools continues across the world, Microsoft has revealed a significant expansion to its

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5 Best MacBooks for Businesses in 2023

Business owners, professionals, programmers, administrative staff and others can choose from a number of Mac laptops, from 13-inch Apple M1-powered

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Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Whether you’re a freelancer working from home or a small-business owner with five or so employees, recording financial business transactions

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6 Best Accounting Software for Canadian Businesses in 2024

Accounting software can radically simplify any business owners’ life by automating convoluted financial tasks. From bank reconciliation to invoicing, online

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What a Digital ID Means to How Australians Interact With Businesses Online

Australia is about to get a national online ID system — the Digital ID — which promises to improve the

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6 Best Accounting Software for Australian Businesses in 2023

Accounting software automates your business’s financial tracking processes, enabling you to send invoices, accept payments, generate financial reports and track

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