Cloud Cost Optimisation Tools Not Enough To Rein In ‘Uncontrolled’ Cloud Spending

APAC companies are struggling with wasteful cloud spending, according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting. Also, cloud cost

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One of Apple’s best iOS productivity tools had a pretty concerning security flaw, so patch now

Experts have warned popular iOS productivity app was flawed in a way that allowed threat actors to steal sensitive data

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6 Best Open Source IAM Tools in 2024

Identity access management (IAM) tools, crucial for cybersecurity, have become highly sought-after due to rising identity-related breaches. A Statista report

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10 Best Reporting Software and Tools of 2024

Best for comprehensive data integration: Zoho Analytics Best for task-based reporting: Asana Best for high-level project reporting: Hive Best for

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Microsoft catches the eye with new AI image editing tools for Copilot

The latest update to Microsoft’s Copilot AI assistant promises to make it even easier to create and customize images as

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Top 7 Cyber Threat Hunting Tools for 2024

Cyber threat hunting is a proactive security measure taken to detect and neutralize potential threats on a network before they

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Copilot Pro is a new “premium” tier for businesses everywhere – but Microsoft makes individual users pay for top AI tools

As the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) tools continues across the world, Microsoft has revealed a significant expansion to its

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3 Best DevOps Configuration Management Tools for 2023

We explore some of the best configuration management tools and software for DevOps. Learn about their pricing, features, benefits and

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10 Best Predictive Analytics Tools and Software of 2023

Managing data has always been a challenge for businesses. With new sources and higher volumes of data coming in all

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