Xbox home screen revamp provides quicker access to games

Microsoft isn’t done refining the interface on your Xbox console. The company is rolling out an updated home screen for Xbox Series/X and One users that theoretically puts games within closer reach while giving you more room to customize the experience. There’s now a quick access menu that helps you jump to your collection, Game Pass, the Microsoft Store and common functions like search and settings. You can pin favorite games and groups, and there are curated lists of games to help discover titles. The update should reach everyone within a few weeks.

At the same time, a simpler layout creates more room for your custom background. An option can change the background to match the game you’ve selected in your recently played list, somewhat like PlayStation’s carousel. A refreshed community row helps show what friends are doing, while media spotlights and lists help you find new content to see or hear.

It’s easier to buy games, too. At the same time, PayPal has revealed that you can “soon” use Venmo to buy games, apps and subscriptions in the Microsoft Store on Xbox in the US. This will help you make use of spare Venmo funds, of course, but it will also give you a way to split payments if you can’t justify an up-front purchase.

The rethink comes eight months after Microsoft began publicly experimenting with a new Xbox interface. The company has a history of frequent UI redesigns and tweaks, particularly in the Xbox One era. Sony, in contrast, is relatively conservative and rarely makes major changes to the PlayStation front end in the middle of a console cycle. Microsoft’s iteration may be frustrating if you’re hoping for a consistent experience, but it does suggest the company is responding to gamers’ feedback and hoping to stand out in the market.

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.