Unagi Model One Voyager review

Unagi Model One Voyager: Two-minute review

The Unagi Model One Voyager follows in the footsteps of its predecessor. Now bearing the moniker “Classic,” the Unagi Model One has established itself as one of the best electric scooters on the market for its sleek and sexy look, lightweight and modern minimalist design, and effortless use. However, it’s plagued with 7.5-inch solid tires that are only really ideal if you live in a city with immaculate roads. Anywhere else, which is pretty much everywhere, they’re a literal headache to ride on.

Unfortunately, the Model One Voyager has inherited that same curse. There are some welcome improvements here, of course. It now has a longer range, faster charging time, more torque, and mobile app support, all of which are welcome upgrades. But where the upgrades would have mattered – better shock absorption, for one – there aren’t any. 

And so having the ability to ride this for up to 25 miles (as opposed to the original’s 15 miles) is for naught – because I wouldn’t want to be riding that long or even half that distance if my whole body, including my brain, is vibrating during a good chunk of it.

Unagi Model One Voyager overlooking Los Angeles

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

That isn’t to diminish the Unagi Model One Voyager’s strengths. I absolutely love its sleek, lightweight, and modern minimalist approach with its thin and elegant yet still very robust stem (apparently made of the same carbon fiber as the Space-X rockets), and its luxurious and stylish handlebar that houses a straightforward dashboard and intuitive controls. 

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