Tissium receives €4.2m to extend large volume syringe capacity

Tissium, a specialist in developing programmable biomorphic polymers for tissue reconstruction, has obtained a non-dilutive financing of €4.2 million from Bpifrance as part of the France 2030 plan to extend its production capacity for large volume syringes.

Tissium is developing a portfolio of products that leverage its family of biosynthetic, biomorphic, and programmable polymers, which are the foundation of the company’s technology platform. Currently, the company has a pipeline of seven products across three verticals, including atraumatic sutureless nerve repair, hernia repair and cardiovascular sealants. Each product is designed to enhance the tissue reconstruction process. The company develops complementary delivery and activation devices for enhanced performance and usability of its products.

Christophe Bancel, CEO of Tissium, said: “This new financing demonstrates the confidence of the French State in the solidity of our project and the potential of our solutions. It will allow us to rapidly increase our production capacity, but also help us enrich our platform. We will thus be able to meet the demand of surgeons and allow a large number of patients to benefit from our products once they are approved by the regulatory authorities. This will also contribute to the reindustrialisation and the development of employment in France.”

Tissium technology is based on research and intellectual property from the laboratories of Professor Robert Langer (MIT) and Professor Jeffrey M. Karp (Brigham and Women’s Hospital), who co-founded the company in 2013.

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.