Tip Tuesday: Utilize social proof to elevate your MSP’s market position

social proof

social proof

Managed service providers (MSPs) must stand out from dozens of competitors if they want companies to use their software service. Social proof is a great way to provide insight into your company’s offerings and elevate your market position.

Tapping into the power of social proof starts with collecting data from clients and sharing it on various platforms, including social media, websites, newsletters, and advertisements. As an MSP, here is how you can begin utilizing social proof in your marketing efforts.

1. Encourage customer reviews

In its 2023 Software Buying Trends report, Gartner found reviews are among the most potent forms of social proof. People are much more likely to listen to their peers than anything a company says about itself. Around 86 percent of business owners said reviews were crucial to their purchases.

Start by contacting top clients and asking if they’d be willing to provide feedback in the form of a review. The reviews will be more compelling if posted by the customer. If they agree, send them a link to leave their honest review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp.

Once you’ve collected a few reviews, mention them in social media posts, newsletters, and your website.

2. Gather client testimonials

Potential customers may zip over to your website to see what clients you work with and what they say about your management style. Gather a few short quotes from reviews or directly from buyers and post them on your pages. Ideally, site visitors should see the testimonials on your home page above the fold and gain a positive impression of your company.

People’s experiences with MSPs tend to vary widely. They either had awful service and are seeking a new solution, or they had amazing service but needed a cheaper option. Focus on your strengths as a brand and play those up through the testimonials you share.

3. Attain certification

Take the time to secure industry certifications. It shows a level of expertise. One benefit is setting your company apart from competitors. You can use it as a unique value proposition when promoting your company.

A few ways to showcase your accomplishments include sending out a press release, posting the certification emblem on your website, and including it on fleet vehicles. You could even share a story on social media or your blog about the process to attain the certification and any challenges you overcame.

4. Publish case studies

Have you worked with a business that found success because of your software management? Maybe the time you saved them allowed them to focus on creative ideas, or you prevented a potential data breach. Whatever the accomplishment, highlight it in a case study on your website.

Case studies should be interesting, tell a story, and make users think they could accomplish something similar using your services. You can use case studies as proof that you stand by your words. Show users how your brand goes above and beyond. How do you stand out from the competition? The document is your chance to show where you shine and send it as a marketing message and call to action to potential customers.

5. Team up with influencers

The influencer market has snowballed from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $24 billion in 2024. The shifting economy and business methods brought on by the pandemic left some businesses to flounder. Reaching your target audience for less money is more vital than ever.

Enter influencer marketing, where you can team up with someone who already has an audience you want to reach. For example, suppose you specialize in working with financial institutions and managing their customer relationship management software. In that case, you might team up with an influencer who provides insight for banks and credit unions.

Around 34 percent of online shoppers bought a product because of an influencer. It’s a powerful way to reach new customers.

Work with the personality to determine the type of material their followers respond to. They already know what makes their fans engage with a post. When you let the influencer craft the posts, they will find more success than if you micromanage the interaction.

Ask your loyal customers to share the influencer’s posts to widen your reach. Each business owner who is a raving fan can share material with friends. They will likely have at least a few business associates interested in your offer.

6. Seek awards and recognition

Take the time to apply for awards and seek endorsements. You might only get the satisfaction of a badge you can place on your website, but it puts your business in front of people. It also lends some additional credibility and social proof. You’re great and other people think so, too!

Take the time to create an awards and accolades page on your website to showcase where you stand out as a company. Send out a press release about your win. Share with your customers in your newsletter. Post an image of the award and a link to the awarding organization’s site. Thank your loyal customers for helping you get this far.

Be authentic and consistent

Your customers will likely tell others what they love about your brand when they succeed. Tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing to create the material needed to showcase what you do best. It’s important to remember that social proof can help differentiate you from competitors in a noisy landscape filled with other MSPs clamoring for audience attention.

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This post originally appeared on Smarter MSP.