The Lamplighters League review – lightweight strategy with a flavor all of its own

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Platform reviewed: PC
Available on:
PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One
Release date:
October 3, 2023

After you’ve beat up enough jackbooted thugs in an alleyway, the brilliance of The Lamplighters League reveals itself. The turn-based strategy game comes from Harebrained Schemes, better known these days for their work on stompy mech-’em-up BattleTech, but the scuffles here couldn’t be further from BattleTech’s city-leveling conflicts. 

Here the fighting jumps from the pages of pulp adventures, where your cast of daring scoundrels biff, pow, and blast baddies in a variety of locations: a winding alleyway, a hotel in the desert, or a snowy forest. While the stakes are the same – the end goal is to save the world from a horrible fate – the methods in which you try to seize victory often involve a poison dagger, a hand grenade, or even just a pair of revolvers.

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