TCL Nxtwear S AR glasses review: the XR future is clunky

TCL Nxtwear S: Two-minute review

The TCL Nxtwear S glasses are a solid choice for people who want an exceptionally portable second screen for their phone, laptop, or tablet. If you’re always working away from your desk or your workspace doesn’t have space for the number of displays you long for these specs will help you out.

Like other AR or XR smart glasses (XR being a catchall that includes AR, VR, and mixed reality), you connect these glasses to your device of choice using a USB-C cable – though it needs to support video output through a USB-C port, also known as DisplayPort. Doing so will project a copy of your device’s screen virtually (and privately) right in front of you. TCL says the full-HD image is comparable to seeing a 130-inch TV from 4m away. The image quality is pretty solid, with a good level of sharpness and decent contrast, though vibrant colors are a little muted – I just wish the screen felt bigger than it does.

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.