Skybox Security in 2024: User Review-based Analysis

In a business environment with ever-evolving digital threats, having the right firewall audit software is essential. Skybox Security is one such vendor that offers firewall audit tools along with different solutions in the network security threat management space. For customers who are planning to purchase from Skybox Security, this article offers an in-depth review of the company, based on user reviews and comments.

Skybox Security review: Insights from B2B review platforms

This section offers some pros and cons of using Skybox security solutions based on user reviews from B2B review platforms like G2, TrustRadius, Capterra, Peerspot, and Gartner.

1. Simple platform but lack of local support

A customer review regarding the firewall assurance product of the Skybox platform. security.2.

A detailed customer review of skybox security from TrustRadius.

3. Compatibility issues with new versions

A customer states that while it’s a good platform, it needs to improve its compatibility with new versions, like with checkpoint.3.

4. Sufficient visualizations but lack of capabilities

A customer praises the number of visualizations offered by Skybox Security but states that the platform can offer more capabilities.4.

A negative customer review of skybox security from gartner

5. Complex and pricey but reliable

A customer stated that the platform of Skybox Security is difficult to use and expensive.5.

A negative review regarding skybox security from peerspot

What is Skybox Security?

A line graph showing the global google traffic of the keyword skybox security. there is a decreasing trends from 2019 to 2024.

Skybox Security is a player in the cybersecurity space that offers various solutions around network security and threat management. Its offerings are aimed at effectively managing and mitigating risks and vulnerabilities associated with the ever-expanding attack surface of organizations.

Offerings (As claimed on Skybox’s website):

Here is a list of products and solutions as claimed on the website of Skybox Security:

  • Firewall assurance: Centralized management, optimization, and risk identification for firewalls.
  • Network assurance: Claims to provide visibility with rule, access, and configuration compliance, ensuring secure business enablement.
  • Vulnerability control and risk management: Analyzing and ranking security risks and then developing plans to address these risks.
  • Change manager: Claims to automate change management workflows for more accurate risk assessments.
  • Threat intelligence: Claims to detect security weaknesses and counter potential security breaches within hybrid networks.

Top 3 Skybox Security alternatives

If you are interested in the alternatives to Skybox, this section offers a brief list.

  1. Tufin: Tufin is a suitable alternative to Skybox security. Tufin is a Massachusetts-based company that claims to offer network security policy orchestration, compliance and firewall audit, and automation of security policies across complex networks.
  2. Algosec: AlgoSec is another suitable alternative for Skybox. It claims to offer network security policy management solutions that automate and orchestrate security policy configuration, compliance, and change management. Some of its offerings include
  3. Qualys: Also based in the U.S., Qualys is another alternative to Skybox. Qualys claims to offer a cloud-based platform for compliance monitoring and risk management, including policy compliance, file integrity monitoring, firewall audit, and cloud security posture management.

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