Rocket Racing review – A hyper-polished racer that fails to stand out

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Platform reviewed: PS5
Available on: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android
Release date: December 8, 2023

Rocket Racing is another major game to launch within Fortnite at the end of 2023, in what was a landmark period for the ongoing blockbuster title. Rocket Racing is being worked on by Psyonix, the folks behind Rocket League, and actually shares a lot with the popular car football game. The result is as slick and polished as you’d expect, but like the other two new Fortnite games to arrive alongside it, Rocket Racing lacks its own sense of identity. It’s a competent racer that simply fails to stand out against its competitors – but there is hope on the road ahead.

Psyonix has made a smart choice with Rocket Racing, taking the beloved Rocket League brands and folding it into a reasonably straightforward arcade racing experience. If you buy a skin in Rocket Racing, you can use it in Rocket League, for example, and many of the racing mechanics are just retooled versions of the moves you can pull off in Rocket League. Because of this familiarity, given you’ve played Rocket League, of course, Rocket Racing’s drift-heavy gameplay clicks almost immediately. The key to winning a race is delightfully simple: just be faster than the other players. There are no items and very few gimmicks to be found in Rocket Racing, with races primarily focusing on skill and map knowledge.

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