OdinLake Ergo Max 747 review: an investment in comfort and accessibility, just make sure you’re cool with the mesh

OdinLake Ergo Max 747: Two-minute review

If you’re in the market for one of the best office chairs around, you’ve got a lot of options that run the gamut from cheap and functional to serious business investments that pack in the comfort and features. The OdinLake Ergo Max 747 is absolutely on this latter edge of the spectrum, and for the premium price you’re paying for it, you absolutely get your money’s worth — assuming you don’t hate it outright.

At $899, this is an expensive investment, especially if you’re looking to furnish several workstations in your office. However, I’ve used and reviewed some very expensive office and gaming chairs like the Mavix M9 and a couple of Herman Miller pieces, and despite having to assemble the Ergo Max 747 myself, this actually works in this chairs favor. 

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