New Sony Xperia 5 V leaks suggests the phone will bizarrely lose its telephoto lens

An official marketing video for Sony’s Xperia 5 V has recently surfaced, and the prognosis isn’t good as the upcoming smartphone might see a substantial downgrade.

The video was originally posted on the r/SonyXperia subreddit by user JB2unique before being uploaded to YouTube. The clip is your standard marketing fair: several models showing off the Xperia 5 V from different angles to hype up customers. What’s the most jarring about it is the fact there are only two cameras on the back of the device. Presumably, one is a wide-angle lens sitting above the ultra-wide option. There doesn’t appear to be a third camera for the telephoto lens, which is a very strange omission considering that previous models, like the Xperia 5 IV, have the three. 

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