Netvue Birdfy Bamboo review: the sustainable and stylish bird feeder

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We have already reviewed Netvue’s Birdfy AI feeder, and the latest Bamboo version is based on the same core technology. At the time of writing this review, the Netvue Birdfy Bamboo is available for pre-order, with it shipping in mid-September 2023.

The big selling point of this latest model is the construction. Gone is the generic-looking molded plastic, replaced with sustainable bamboo boards. The exterior boards are painted black, helping to protect the natural materials and adding a stylish touch. Indeed, the Birdfy Bamboo has a very minimalist modern design. It is a great-looking birdfeeder that looks as good mounted on a tree as it does on a wall. It looks so good that it will form a talking point when people see it. 

The change from plastic to bamboo comes at the cost of having a larger and heavier feeder. It measures 280mm x 280mm x 300mm and weighs 4.6kg, compared to 220mm x 225mm x 270mm and 1.35kg for the standard Netvue Birdfy. That is a big difference in size, but more significantly, weight, which has a knock-on effect on mounting the feeder.

Netvue Birdfy Bamboo bird feeder camera outside on the grass

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The adjustable L mounting bracket found in the standard Netvue Birdfy has gone, replaced with a solid metal mounting plate on the rear. This allows you to fix masonry screws to an exterior wall, fence or shed for secure mounting. However, if you want to mount the feeder to a tree like I did, you still can. A significantly larger and stronger strap is included that feeds through the mounting plate on the rear of the feeder and can wrap securely around a tree trunk. Metal clasps create a tight, secure grip so the feeder doesn’t slip. I successfully mounted it to a tree trunk, where it stayed firmly in place for several weeks. 

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