Microsoft Office apps arrive on Meta Quest VR headsets

Meta Quest users will now be able to write reports, edit spreadsheets and create presentations — if they event want to do any of those tasks on a VR headset, that is. Android Central reports that support for the basic Microsoft Office suite has arrived on the original Oculus Quest, the Meta Quest 2, the Meta Quest Pro, and the latest model, the Meta Quest 3. Users can now download Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the Meta Quest store for free.

The company first revealed that it was going to launch Microsoft 365 app experiences for its headsets during its Connect 2022 event. It also promised users access to Outlook, Teams and a Windows experience as part of its partnership with Microsoft. To be able to use the basic Office suite apps on their device, users will need to have and log into their Microsoft account. The app files are pretty small because they run on the cloud, so they’re quick to download and can run side by side for the multitaskers out there.

According to The Verge, though, the apps aren’t exactly optimized for virtual reality, so users may have to contend with tiny icons and other elements that don’t work as well in the environment. In addition, it’s not easy typing on the Quest’s onscreen keyboard, so users may have to link Bluetooth accessories if they need to get some serious work done.

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