Meet The Dutch Robotic Kitchen That Makes Five Thousand Meals Per Day

Last month, a Dutch startup named Eatch announced they had built a fully automated robotic kitchen that makes up to five thousand meals per day. The company’s new robot, designed to work in a high-production centralized kitchen, has been making meals in the Amsterdam market for food service and catering giant ISS for the past four months.

The Eatch robotic kitchen platform handles the entire meal production flow. It oils the cooking pans, dispenses refrigerated ingredients, adds spices, plates the food, andcleansg the cooking pans when everything is done.

You can watch it in action in the video below:

Eatch’s robotic kitchen uses a pot system similar to those we’ve seen in the Spyce kitchen, Kitchen Robotics’ Beastro, and TechMagic’s pasta robot in Tokyo. The Eatch’s tilted pans rotate and toss the food inside, using an internal peg to push the food into a rotation and then drop from the top, creating a toss fry cooking motion common in stir fry kitchens.

What’s most impressive about the Eatch is the throughput, creating five thousand daily meals (and the company says it has the potential to produce up to 15 thousand per day), handling the entire production flow. Most robotic kitchens we’ve seen have production volumes much lower than this and often don’t incorporate plating and pot cleaning in the automation flow.

Company CEO Jelle Sijm told The Spoon that the company has approximately 10 employees and has raised €4.5 million. The company expansion plan includes working with partners who can handle the daily operations, and Eatch will provide the automation technology, software, and recipes. Sijm sees Eatch working with partners to produce food in centralized kitchens for contact caterers. Sijm says they are eyeing an American market entry and says the company is currently in talks with some grocery chains and contract caterers in the US.

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.