Mazda’s Iconic SP concept is a rotary-engined hybrid that could run on hydrogen

Mazda is not shy of pushing engineering boundaries when it comes to making its cars. After all, the Japanese marque pioneered the Wankel engine (calm down at the back), which sees a rotor spin inside a housing, rather than conventional pistons pumping up and down.

It is beloved by Mazda aficionados and the RX-7 arguably embodied everything that was great about the powertrain: a gorgeous exterior that housed a free-revving, free-spirited motor that could be tuned to produces masses of power but was often prone to blowing up.

At the Japan Mobility show this year, Mazda gave fans of the fabled RX-7 something to get excited about, producing the Mazda Iconic SP concept that not only gives a knowing nod to the aforementioned sports car in its appearance, but also revives the rotary system in a more forward-thinking fashion.

Mazda Iconic SP concept

(Image credit: Mazda)

In this instance, the two-rotor, rotary EV system essentially sees a small capacity engine charge the battery, rather than directly drive the wheels. Mazda already has a similar system in place with the MX-30 R-EV, but this concept takes the thinking one step further.

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