Markley Group

Meeting the needs of each and every client: it’s what drives Markley forward.

As New England’s largest and longest operating multi-tenant, mission-critical telecommunications and data center facility, Markley has a proven track record of unparalleled performance and reliability. In its more than 15 years of operation, Markley has never experienced a primary power outage.

Founded in 1991, Markley is a pioneer in the data center industry. The company is largely responsible for creating the concept of the carrier hotel, and since then has developed a data center portfolio across the US and Europe that exceeded 3,000,000 square-feet making Markley one of the world’s largest data center developers.

Markley’s flagship One Summer Street facility, launched in 1998, boasts 920,000 square feet of highly secured white and mechanical space. One Summer Street serves global leaders in financial services, healthcare, academia, government, entertainment, science, and technology, as well as all major telecommunications companies.