Logitech’s new Reach webcam raises presentations to a higher level

Logitech has created a new way for professionals to record and share their work by placing one of its best webcams on a flexible, articulating arm.

It’s fittingly called the Logitech Reach, and according to the official announcement, it enables users to host “engaging, interactive” presentations. The arm can be moved up, down, forward, and back – all with a push of the button located at the hinge. It can also be pivoted a full 360 degrees side-to-side for unique angles. The bottom base comes in two configurations: your typical flat stand so it can be placed on top of a desk and a clamp in case there isn’t a lot of room available. When you’re done, the Reach can be folded in half for easy storage. 

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.