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Levy Plus: Two-minute review

When you have an electric scooter like the Levy Plus that straddles the line between two worlds, you have to pay attention. To this day, the best electric scooter I’ve ever tested is the NIU KQi3 Pro whose thick tires and incredibly smooth performance trumps everything else in my opinion, including the fact that it is a chunky and hefty piece of kit. 

And this offering from Levy is giving it a good run for its money with a sleeker, more portable design.

Honestly, the Plus may have found the sweet spot here. While the KQi3 Pro’s tires are slightly smaller and 2.5 inches fatter, Levy’s offering opted for ones that are slightly bigger in diameter and a touch thinner, which may have allowed the company’s engineers to give it a slimmer body. So what you have is a sleek city commuter with tires that are thick and big enough to offer that level of traction and shock absorption you might expect from some off-road e-scooters. That alone is enough to recommend it.

Levy Plus at an overlook in Los Angeles

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

But that isn’t the only sweet spot it’s found. The Levy Plus is blissfully mid-range, but not in a mediocre sort of way. I wouldn’t call it one of the best budget electric scooters around, for example, but it certainly won’t burn a massive hole in your bank account, which makes it a great candidate for the best electric scooter for students list. It’s not the lightest, but it’s not bulky either. It’s also simplistic in its design but has trims of blue or green, depending on the colorway you pick, to keep it from looking too boring. And, while it doesn’t have many extra frills, it does have all the basic features covered.

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