Kigen’s iSIM Adoption Playbook for Manufacturers

Integrated SIM or iSIM is the next generation of eSIM technology, which moves the SIM functionality into a dedicated space on the System on Chip (SoC), protected by a tamper-resistant element (iTRE) or secure enclave. iSIM consumes up to 70% less power than a discrete SIM and is 98% smaller than eSIM, opening up new forms of ultra-power efficient devices unimaginable before.

iSIM enables network authentication and applicative security for device data. This provides unparalleled innovation opportunities for OEMs and device makers to design more compact and energy-efficient connected devices for a future where sustainability is ever important.

According to Counterpoint Research, iSIM is projected to take over as the dominant SIM form factor, with the shipments of iSIM-capable devices poised to scale to 7 billion units between 2021 and 2030.

Kigen’s iSIM opens up countless possibilities for new use cases across a range of industries, including – asset track and monitoring, smart energy and utilities, sustainable transport, smart fleet management, and healthcare. To learn more about this exciting new technology, and discover why the future is really integrated, download your free copy of our white paper today.

The benefits of the Kigen iSIM for manufacturers:

  • iSIMs are significantly smaller than eSIMs
  • Help support new use cases across rapidly transforming industries
  • Industry-backed – GSMA EAL+5 certification (selected chipsets), TCA, and Global Platform standards-based approach
  • Enable device evolution by reducing the number of components

What’s in the white paper?

  • An introduction to the iSIM and its benefits
  • Data security for the new AI age
  • How to implement ultimate secure foundations using Kigen’s iSIM
  • Utilizing partnerships to power your success
  • How to unlock high-quality growth IoT markets with iSIM
  • How you can get involved with the Kigen iSIM Evaluation kits

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