I love podcasts passionately, which is why this is my must-have app

If there’s one thing I like more than excellent words, it’s when those words are said by excellent voices. As a book writer and broadcaster who’s also recorded an audiobook, it’s fair to say I have an interest in audio storytelling, and as a result, I’m in headphone heaven whenever I’ve got an amazing audiobook or provocative podcast to listen to. YouTube schmewtube: give me the audio-only option every time.

Homescreen heroes

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Because I really care about this stuff, I also care a lot about what I use to listen to my podcasts. Good enough isn’t good enough, so at home it’s a set of AirPods Max and on the subway, it’s Bose QuietComfort II earbuds; in the car, the EQ is carefully tweaked so I get the maximum bang with the minimum boom. And that fussiness extends to my app choices, which is why I use Overcast.

I’ve tried lots of podcast apps. Some of them have more features. Some of them have sillier names. But Overcast is laser-focused on what I want a podcast app to do. Here’s why you should go to Overcast.fm and get it.

Overcast on iOS 17

Overcast makes it easy to get your podcasts just-so thanks to its useful customization options (Image credit: Future)

The free version isn’t rubbish

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