How To Pick the Right Battery for IoT Devices

Welcome to Qoitech’s comprehensive webinar where we delve into the crucial aspects of energy consumption and battery performance in the world of IoT and battery-powered devices. Understanding how your device consumes energy is not just beneficial but essential for optimizing its efficiency and real-world functionality.

During this webinar, Qoitech’s CPO, Björn Rosqvist, will guide you through a step-by-step process of gaining deep insights into your device’s energy consumption. He will explore how to measure and analyze energy usage, providing you with a solid foundation for optimizing power efficiency.

But we won’t stop there. We’ll go beyond energy measurement and introduce you to the concept of battery profiling. By studying the device’s usage patterns and correlating them with battery performance, you’ll be able to create accurate profiles that capture the unique characteristics and behavior of your device’s battery under different conditions.

Building upon battery profiling, we’ll show you how to create digital twins of your physical battery. These digital replicas accurately simulate the behavior and characteristics of the real battery. With a digital twin at your disposal, you can test and evaluate the impact of different scenarios on battery life and performance, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimizations.

Lastly, we’ll explore the complex realm of battery life estimation. Armed with the insights from profiling and emulation, we aim to offer you accurate, data-driven predictions for your IoT device’s battery life. Understanding how different factors affect battery performance will empower you to make intelligent decisions about energy management and device functionality.

Join us in this comprehensive, hands-on exploration of energy consumption, battery profiling, emulation, and life estimation. Together, we’ll uncover the intricate relationship between a device and its battery and learn how to optimize it for the best performance. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your IoT devices. Take part of this enlightening webinar experience!

Webinar Agenda:

  • Webinar intro
  • The tools and techniques used for power profiling and emulation
  • The setup for accurate measurements and analysis
  • Device power profiling: Particle Argon IoT device
  • Battery profiling: settings and parameters
  • Examples: Discharging two battery types based on device’s active and sleep behavior (and three temperatures)
  • Emulating battery profiles using measured discharge profiles
  • Calculate the true capacity of a battery based on emulation
  • Battery life estimations
  • Q&A

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