How to Migrate from Google IoT Core to EMQX

All things do come to end, even for one of the global leaders in online technology, Google. As we know it, Google IoT Core’s days have been numbered with a hard date for it to sunset: August 16, 2023. For those heavily invested in the IoT space, it raises the question: what’s going to happen to all my IoT connections?

In summary, they’ll “end,” too – leaving smart factories, smart fleets, and even smart cities without the driving force they need to thrive in the IoT space. The only solution is to have a place to migrate all the IoT data; but that, in and of itself, is a challenge for many, especially as the deadline continues to creep up.

Many of the issues include difficulties migrating data, managing the same kind of efficiency, leveraging stable connectivity or reliability. As a result, cloud, mobile and IoT product managers and engineering team leads are found scrambling for an answer, but coming up short.

The answer is a convenient migration to a fully managed service built on the world’s leading open-source MQTT platform already leveraging the Google Cloud Marketplace. That platform is EMQX Cloud.

EMQ, in the open-source spirit, however, isn’t going to leave users in the dark on managing migrations as the clock continues to tick. This webinar will be a practical guide to making sure the Google IoT Core shutdown timeline is as transparent as possible, helping participants see the benefits of EMQX Cloud and EMQX Enterprise in full display.

We will have experts go over the practical steps in migrating all device connections safely and securely with a detailed evaluation on which EMQX version may be right for you, how setup is done, and easy device data bridging to any GCP Pub/Sub topics without any code development required.

This webinar is ideal for: Cloud, mobile, and IoT product managers and engineering team leads.

This webinar will cover: Google IoT Core shutdown timeline, EMQX benefits, migration steps.

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.