Hisense’s massive 110-inch TV tops a mostly mini-LED lineup for 2024

After introducing a 100-inch mini-LED TV in 2023, Hisense has announced plans to go even bigger for 2024. The company’s premium ULED X series will gain two additional size options: a 98-inch and a 110-inch model.

Oversize versions of the best TVs are becoming increasingly popular, and Hisense, which noted in its CES 2024 press conference that the company’s 85-inch and above category saw an 18 times sales uptick in 2023, is responding with an expanded range of huge TVs. Along with the two new ULED X mini-LED models, Hisense will introduce a 100-inch regular QLED model in 2024. And if history can provide any template, that 100-inch QLED TV will be strikingly affordable for its screen size.

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.