HIMSSCast: What the C-suite needs to know about generative AI’s disruptive effects

Generative artificial intelligence – the kind of AI behind the hugely popular ChatGPT application – already is disrupting the healthcare industry. C-suite executives and other health IT leaders at provider organizations need to know much to keep up and be wary.

Venky Anant is a partner at research and consulting firm McKinsey Digital. He is our guest on this week’s podcast. He has vast expertise in AI and knows well its disruptive potential.


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Talking points:

  • What generative AI is and how it’s different from other forms of AI that have come before it.

  • A variety of use cases for generative AI in healthcare, from clinical to administrative.

  • The benefits it brings.

  • Experts advise caution when healthcare provider organizations want to jump in to generative AI. Why is this?

  • What do healthcare CIOs and other health IT leaders have to be wary of?

  • How will generative AI disrupt the healthcare industry?

  • Advice for healthcare C-suite executives and clinicians when it comes to handling the disruption generative AI brings to the industry.

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