HIMSSCast: How CIOs and IT teams should prepare for a fast-evolving future in health IT

The healthcare industry is moving toward a distributed landscape and the roles of CIOs and other health IT leaders are evolving with this change.

That is the view of William Lewkowski, vice president of HCTec, a healthcare consulting firm.

In this week’s HIMSSCast podcast, we dive deep with Lewkowski about preparing for the future, and discuss how CIOs and healthcare IT professionals can prepare for change and much more.


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Talking points:

  • Movement toward a distributed landscape.
  • How the roles of CIOs and other health IT leaders are evolving with this change.
  • New responsibilities within these roles, new titles and new collaborators.
  • New technologies health IT leaders at provider organizations must consider and why.
  • How CIOs and healthcare IT professionals should prepare for change.
  • Provider organizations using distributed workforces in managed services. For example, streamlined help desks and predictive control of workflow.
  • CIOs and health IT leaders should be using a futuristic approach.
  • How using a futuristic lens can successfully integrate distributed models in an evolving environment.

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