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G&H, a provider of precision optics and photonics solutions, has acquired GS Optics, a specialist in design, manufacturing, and coating of polymer optics.

This acquisition represents a significant focus for G&H, allowing for the creation of their North American Life Sciences Centre of Excellence, as well as expanding its commercial footprint. GS Optics will become the G&H innovation hub for dynamic, high-performing teams and cutting-edge research, development, and manufacturing of optics and photonics for life sciences.

The new company name is G&H | GS Optics. Founded as Germanow-Simon in 1916, the Rochester company employs more than 60 at 408 St. Paul St. There are no planned job losses. G&H announced it will immediately expand the campus in downtown Rochester by 25% to support its growth plans.

G&H leaders said Rochester was chosen for the acquisition and expansion due to its pipeline of highly skilled talent and experienced workforce, as well as critical mass and collaboration, with more than 150 optics, photonics, and imaging companies in the Greater Rochester area.

Charlie Peppiatt, CEO of G&H, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, said: “We are thrilled to welcome GS Optics to the G&H family. This strategic investment aligns with our long-term growth strategy to become an innovative customer-focused technology company. Together, we will unlock new possibilities and create a North American Centre of Excellence that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in optics and photonics.”

GS Optics has established itself in polymer optic manufacturing, with a strong presence in the life sciences sector. Life sciences, in this context, includes medical microscopy, diagnostic imaging, and laser surgery. Realising GS’s track record of excellence in optical manufacturing, UK-based G&H has invested in the company’s growth, combining the expertise of GS Optics with the global reach of the G&H commercial team.

Stratos Kehayas, G&H chief commercial officer, said: “With GS Optics joining the G&H family, we are going to expand the solutions we can offer to our customers. The design trade space for all our engineers is going to be greatly expanded with the addition of GS’s polymer materials and their long optics heritage.”

Andy Germanow, CEO of GS Optics, commented: “Joining forces with G&H is a tremendous opportunity for us. We have always strived to deliver the highest quality optics to our customers, and this acquisition opens up new horizons for us. As part of G&H, we will leverage their extensive resources, expertise, and global presence to accelerate our growth and continue providing innovative solutions to our customers.”

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