General IoT News – OV, the Global IoT Network, collaborates with Kigen to give customers access to their connectivity services with iSIM technology

OV, the Global IoT Network, collaborates with Kigen to give customers access to their connectivity services with iSIM technology

OV, a leading global IoT MNO, is excited to announce its partnership with Kigen, a global security leader that pioneered integrated SIM (iSIM) technology, making their global connectivity footprint available to Kigen’s iSIM ecosystem.

This collaboration will enable the delivery of seamless, reliable, and secure IoT connectivity solutions at scale to IoT enterprises worldwide.

The collaboration comes at a pivotal time for OV, following a series of significant developments in the first half of the year, including the successful launch of eSIM services and the expansion of their 5G network. This initiative with Kigen further solidifies OV’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge IoT solutions that empower businesses across various industries.

Paul Donaldson, Chief Revenue Officer at OV, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “After an exciting first half of developments at OV, including our eSIM launch, LTE-M footprint expansion 5G roll-out, we are delighted to be partnering with Kigen. We are seeing the increased convergence of hardware and cellular connectivity, and iSIM is the catalyst for this important step towards mass IoT adoption.”

A technology innovator in the SIM industry, Kigen announced the world’s first iSIM in 2018 with a vision to simplify and open up cellular IoT to all enterprises. iSIM is fully integrated in the cellular modem and microcontroller unit on a single system on chip (SoC). This combines the benefits of devices being able to connect out-of-the-box and use the iSIM as a Root-of-Trust, or a trust mark for highly assured IoT data services.

Kigen’s iSIM OS and secure services, known for being the most compact and suited for IoT, are available through hardware evaluation platforms from the industry’s leading IoT module and semiconductor vendors. Their expertise in enabling iSIM customers aligns perfectly with OV’s vision to revolutionise the IoT landscape by enabling seamless device connectivity, real-time data transmission, and enhanced security features.

Jean-Philippe Betoin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Kigen, said:

“In just five years, iSIM has positively influenced device design of ultra-power efficient IoT across industries that are rapidly transforming such as transportation, logistics, energy and more. As customers work with growing choice of iSIM hardware, OV’s new platform and LTE-M connectivity for iSIM will pave the way for groundbreaking advances.”

The OV and Kigen offering brings several key benefits to customers, including simplified SIM provisioning, enhanced security, increased flexibility, and streamlined logistics of IoT deployments.

This strategic initiative between OV and Kigen marks a significant milestone, bringing together two powerhouses to drive innovation, as iSIM is starting to gain momentum as the future of connectivity technology for IoT deployments.

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