Garmin Epix Pro review: One of Garmin’s best watches just got even better

Garmin Epix Pro: One minute review

I’ve been wearing the Garmin Epix Pro for about three weeks now, and it’s a phenomenal, premium-feeling Garmin watch. It’s essentially an AMOLED-screened version of the Fenix 7 Pro, which is the Fenix 7 with the 7X Solar’s LED torch and a few new exercise widgets. 

It’s a good watch by any measure, and experienced runners, riders, explorers and triathletes are sure to get their money’s worth. The new Up Ahead feature is a good idea for serious trail runners, and the extremely accurate optical heart rate monitors are a nice plus, but the highlights on the software front are the new Hill and Endurance scores, great new metrics that get you thinking about exercise in new ways. 

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This post originally appeared on TechToday.