Food+Tech Connect Traitor Joe’s, CA Fast Food Workers $20/Hr Minimum Wage + More

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Every week we track the business, tech and investment trends in CPG, retail, restaurants, agriculture, cooking and health, so you don’t have to. Here are some of this week’s top headlines.

In the ever-evolving landscape of food and labor economics, two headlines stand out: “We Need to Talk About Trader Joe’s” delves into the underbelly of the beloved grocery chain’s business practices, spotlighting accusations of aggressive copycatting that have drawn ire from food brands. Meanwhile, “California’s Fast Food Workers Just Got a Pay Bump” highlights a significant development in labor rights, as fast food workers in California secure a wage increase to $20 an hour, setting a new standard in minimum-wage earnings nationwide.

In other news, we’ve wrapped the first season of our podcast in partnership with AgFunder: New Food Order, a nuanced investigation into the business of tackling our climate and social crises through food and agriculture. Read all about why we launched the podcast, and be sure to subscribe and share!

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Behind the bubbly cashiers in Hawaiian shirts, craveable snacks, and bargain-basement prices are questionable business practices that have many food brands crying foul at the company’s blatant and aggressive copycat culture.


They now must be paid at least $20 an hour, near the top of what minimum-wage earners make anywhere in the country.


The charity recently made headlines for providing hundreds of tons of food for Gazans that was transported on the first aid ship in March.


Officials in Iowa and Missouri estimated that nearly 800k fish had died in waters that flow into the Missouri River.


The case adds another worrying wrinkle to a global outbreak that has devastated bird and marine mammal populations, and recently appeared in cattle herds.


Scientists have discovered two plant extracts that have potential as GLP-1 agonist weight loss pills akin to semaglutide injections like Ozempic and Wegovy, following an AI-led study.


Errol Schweizer interviews Chris jones, Chief Government and Industry Relations Officer and Counsel at the National Grocers Association about the FTC lawsuit around the Kroger-Albertsons merger.


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